In general terms structured data is a kind of organized data that matches a certain format. Structural data is nothing but different kinds of data with a high level of organization for e.g information in a relational database. When there is proper structure & predictability  to your information it become easy for the search engine to understand your data and display it in a very creative way.

A piece of code is used by structured data which is laid out in a specific way which is easily understood by the search engines. This code is then read by the search engines and is presented in more dynamic way in the search engine results page.

Structured data is also referred as "schema" which are tags of semantic vocabulary which can be added in your website's html to help search engine read your web page and to represent it in a meaningful way in the serps.

As per their site," is a collective communal activity which has a mission to create, promote & maintain structured data schema online, in email messages, on web pages and beyond which is useful for search engine optimizer to find these schema codes and apply it on their websites.

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There are mainly four types of structured data:


2) RDFa-Good-relations
3) Micro data
4) Micro format

 These are the formats provided to you by you can add on your website but JSON-LD is the type which Google recommends.

Types of Schemas

There are literally 100 types of schema markups. You can find the below schema markup using

  • Articles
  • Local Business
  • Ratings & Tv episodes
  • Restaurants
  • Book Reviews
  • Movies
  • Software applications
  • Events
  • Products

Benefits of schemas

Your page is displayed in a more attractive way in Serps if you use schema mark ups to your html by rich snippets enhancements which are displayed below your page title.Below are the two examples of rich snippets when you search for the term " Biryani recipe"

what is structured data

Cookwithmanali's webpage includes schema markup which helps to pull data from other resources which makes her listing more attractive and standout from the rest of them in regards to the amount of content that is displayed.

Her listing includes 5 star ratings along with the image which is due to the use of a schema markup known as Aggregate rating. There is a boost in click through rates when you have rich snippets show up for your products/services which can also help in drawing more attention to your listings es specially if you good product reviews.

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On the other hand norecipes is using no structure data markup which is making the listing less appealing & is displayed as same as other web-page listings in the serp.

Schema markup gives more information to Google and other search engines which helps them to understand your intent better & then match it with targeted customers who are searching for your products & services online.

It is not mandatory to have a schema markup on your website it can help your website by helping you to earn a featured snippet which always tops the serp before organic listings which leads to more visibility of your website to targeted users and more conversion rate.

what is structured data in seo

Use schema markup to boost your SEO efforts

Ranking & driving traffic is not the only objective of SEO, there is more to it. In 2020 our objective should be to drive traffic to the website that engages with our content and helps to convert readers to users.

if you want your website to be shown to right people it is very important that search engines understand your website's content, your site & the context in which it is presented.

Search engines can get informed about your content by using schema & structured data which in return can help your web-pages to rank higher in Search engine results page.

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